Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1) The last assignment for this subject is to create any greeting cards and i chose to create a "fathers day" card.

2) And then i came out with the idea to create it and sketch it before apply to adobe photoshop.

3) After that i make a research and below are the references that i used to create my fathers day card.

3) And this is the steps to create the card:

a) Im using polygonal lasso tool (L) to make a rectangle shape for the color of shirt.

b) And then i copied the shape layer and place it to the main background as shown below.

c) After that i decided to make a border for the background by create a new layer and fill it with dark blue in color.

d) I duplicated the rectangle layer to make the border and re-size it.

e) The same thing goes to create the pocket, using polygonal lasso tool (L).

I duplicated the pocket layer and fill it with blue to make the border.

f) I chose this blue and red stripe to make the tie. Im still using polygonal lasso tool (L) to create the tie.

g) Re-size the size and then i placed it to the main background.

h) For the card, i used magic wand tool (W) and then place it into the pocket as shown below.

i) The same method i applied to the name card and the button, and on that card i wrote "Happy Fathers Day" and "DAD".

j) For the greeting part, i put the heart shape and re size it.

k) and then i add new layer to create rectangle shape and duplicated the layer to make the border.

l) For the zip part, i add some effect which is go to layer style, choose drop shadow and inner shadow to darken the color and for the blend mode i chose multiply.

m) For heart shape part, i use some layer style which is drop shadow.

n) Then i place it everything into one A4.

o) Add some effect to tie, go to blending options by double click the layer and then choose drop shadow, outer shadow and bevel and emboss.

This is the final output of my card.


i) For father's day card, my idea of creating this card was folded shirt and pants. It is because this is everyday shirt for him go to works.

ii) For front design, i decided to put the shirt with tie and pocket. And then there is pocket with a "DAD" name tag and a "Happy Fathers Day"card.

iii) And for the greetings part, i used a pants for the design and with greetings which is "It is easier for father to have children than for a children to have a real father like you". So this is complete shirt and pants card.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


1) Our next task is to create
a digital image as a wall paper. The event or theme is MMU FOM Open day dated March 21st, 2011

2) Below are the references that i refer in order to complete my digital wallpaper.

Research & reference:
my camera

Research & reference:

Research & reference:

Research & reference:

3) Using adobe photoshop to apply the wallpaper.

a) First using rectangular marquee tool (M) to copy this FOM building picture and then resize it using free transform (ctrl+t) to re-size the object.

b) Then choose rectangle tool (U) to create one rectangle as shown below and then duplicate the layer to make it two rectangle shape. Change the color to white background.

c) Create new layer as font, and then click at horizontal type tool (T) and then type:
"MMU FOM OPEN DAY!" - Earth (font)
"21st MARCH 2011" - Rockwell (font)
"learning for life" - Elephant (font)

d) Then import mmu logo and place it to the top of the font.

e) After that go to layer, select mmu logo layer, font layer and box copy layer. shift + select these 3 layers, and then go to free transform then rotate as shown below.

Select fom building layer and change the color of the background.

f) Import FOM signboard and place it below of the font.

g) And then i chose another FOM building and place it left of the FOM signboard at the bottom.

h) Same goes to MMU mascot and Tm university logo.

i) To make font more alive, i duplicate the font layer, and choose only the "MMU FOM OPEN DAY" title and change to black in color. And then i move a bit below so the font will more bold.

And this is the final output of my E-Wallpaper.